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   The history of Fleming is based on the railroad in the late 1800's.

    In 1887 a new railroad line was built from Holdredge, Nebraska to Sterling Colorado, and reached what was known as 29 mile siding. Several spurs or sidings were established for settlers who were seeking homesteads to side their emigrants cars until they could locate a site and construct a soddie or dugout in which to live.

    The rail superintendent of the railroad was a man named Calvert, and since any mail to this spot was in care of him, the siding became Calvert.

    Mr. Calvert had a brother-in-law sent out to Fleming by the Lincoln Land Co. to sell land to the settlers. The man's name was Henry Bascom Fleming.   The land company gave Mr. Fleming 240 acres one mile west of the siding and he gave the land for a town site, the town was named after him.

    All businesses at Calvert were moved to the Town of Fleming and it was incorporated in 1917.

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 Original School

The first school house in Fleming built in 1910. Francis Garfield was the first teacher to the newly found community

Old School

Just three years later, with the growing community came a larger school. The east half was built in 1913 and the west half in 1919.


The first bank taken in the early 1900's. Ed Morris a dodge car dealer in the doorway.


Karl Kues in his blacksmith shop in 1914.

Des and Elizabeth (his daughter) Grant in the telephone house in 1918.

Local talent contest at the Realto Theater, 1925/26. Pictured left to right Freda Barkley, Urma Ard, Helen Grohan, Lucille Davis.


The Realto Theater taken in 1923.

           Fleming Town Logo

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