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City Council

The Town of Fleming is governed by a mayor and six-member council. Open town council meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of each month, and the town hall is staffed during business hours.

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The town council met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday August 9, 2016 at the Town Hall. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pro-tern Sue Einspahr at 7:05pm. The Pledge of Allegjance was recited. The following council members were present: Nancy Glaspie, John Stone, Pam Harms, Sue hinspahr and Shadow Tiger. Mayor Larry Schaefer arrived at 7:14 m. Cameron Harms was absent.

Guests: Pat LaGuardia, Keith Beck, Dave Munday, Rebecca Williams. Jeff Rice (Journal Advocate), Sammy Wolever, and Clay Gorman. Wolever left at 7:41pm.

Additions or corrections to the agenda: Water meter for the motel apartments was added.

Public ommcnt: Rice, from the Journal Advocate, stated that he will be at as many meetings as possible because he believes small towns deserve the same quality of journalism as larger towns.

LaGuardia asked if anyone is interested in removing the skate park apparatus as he is interested in recycling it. Einspahr would like to see an ad in the Fleming Fcus concernin2 the recycling of the skate park apparatus and the deadline for responses be September 1S A motion to place the ad in the Focus was moved by Linspahr. secondedby P. Harms, all in favor

Wolever discussed the agenda for Fall Festival. There will be a dance at ljeritage Park and a movie at the North Park. The festivities for the festival start at 7:00am on September lEJ with the FFA pancake breakfast, e color run at 7:30am, and the parade at 10:00am. After the parade, the Fleming Firemen will put on a lunch. There will be: street games, tractor pull, fishing derby, softball tournament, trap shoot, white alejhant bingo, and exhibits at the community center. The Fleming Junior class will host a dinner starting at 5:0 pm at the school cafeteria. The theme for this year's festival is "Celebrating Small Town Life." Honored citizens are Jim and Joan Atkin.

Approval of the Minutes: Minutes were approved.

TreasurersReport.barman presented the treasurer's report. He asked for guidance concerning the budget. He talked to the town attorney concerning the DULA grant. Tiger asked Gorman to do some projections concerning financing the sewer project. Einspahr suggested a goal setting session before the next council meeting. The session is set for August 30 at 7:00pm.

Kinzie put in 70 hours for the summer reading program. A motion to pay for summer reading was made by P. Harms, seconded by Tiger, all in favor. Tiger suggested paying the employee for summer reading monthly, rather than at the end of the summer reading program.
Schaefer is willing to sell a wire feed welder to the town for $514.46. A motion was made by Stone to purchase the welder, seconded by P. Harms, all in favor.

Gorman told the council that Marick's said they could drain and lock the parts-john during the winter so there would be no delivery and removal fee. Beck would like to build a concrete pad for the porte-john. He also talked about putting in a regular bathroom. During the goal setting session the council will talk about different options concerning a restroom or porte-john.

Payment of Bills: Stone asked that Gorman contact CIRSA concerning the lightning damage at the cemetery well and turn in a claim. A motion to pay the bills was made by Stone, seconded by P. Harms, all in favor. Electric report: Two new electric services were installed and a new transformer was ordered.

Water report: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment asked the town to do a survey concerning the different types of pipes used in the houses. Gorman developed a survey and is having home owners fill it out. The final report will be sent to CDPHE by September lot.
Einspahr asked the maintenance division to install a meter at the motel.

Sewer report: Gorman told the council the Preliminary Engjnecring Report will be available the end of August) When the report is done, the United States Department of Agriculture will send the town a check for their share of the report.

Health and Safety: Einspahr asked that the properties that are abandoned be mowed.
Planning and Loning will meet and discuss different violations around town and their remedies.

Old Business: Stone brought a quote to the council concerning a new laptop computer for the town. A motion to approve thepurchase of a new computer was made by Einspahr, seconded by Stone, all in favor.

New Business: A motion to adqpt Ordinance 1-2016 was made by Einspahr, seconded by P. Harms, all in favor.
A motion to acquire a new brants Guide was made by Stone, seconded by Tiger, all in favor.

A motion to hire Rebecca Williams for the library aide position was made by Einspahr, seconded by P. Harms, all in favor. There will be a 60 day probation period and then an evaluation. Ihe library hours will be extended until :00pm from Tuesday through Friday.

Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made at D: U3 by Glaspie, seconded by Stone, all in favor.